Scandinavian drama in french history

 For several decades, Scandinavian literature and civilization was not well known in other European countries. More particularly, it is well known that until 1960, the majority of Europeans recognize Scandinavia as a huge land with a few people and agricultural life. Only a few exceptions like Eric Ibsen, strimberg, Grieg, Andersen were recognized as real Scandinavian spirit. Nowadays, a new beginning, which focuses on establishing of Scandinavian artistic life in other European countries, has arrived. According to Dr. Stefen Kristiansen, professor at Danish literature at the University of Paris Sorbonne IV, this influence was started during Viking’s attacks in England and in north France. As a consequence of this attack, the kingdom of Denmark, which is the first kingdom of Danish Vikings, was founded. By examining this historical important case, it is obvious that nowadays the Scandinavian influence in this area is confirmed by literature, language, music and tradition. In addition, the north European culture was indicated by the name Normandy which means in Norwegian the land of north men. Researchers assumed that generally, Normandy is recognized as that key source in order to testify and discover the influence between Scandinavia and France. More specifically, in recent years, several analyses of languages have indicated that the pronunciation of French in Normandy is as heavy as Norwegian, Swedish and Danish accent. In addition, professors assumed that apart from the traditional language in Normandy, has a lot of similarities with Bokmål and Nynorsk which are languages spoken in Norway and in Denmark. From 1991, it is obvious that this influence is extended due to the creation of European Union. Researchers assumed that the fact that European Union is considered as one country, the influence between European nations has begun a real current phenomenon. As a result of this phenomenon, this influence has been modified because she is composed by lot points of view. As a conclusion, this essay attempts to testify which are the differences between French and Scandinavian habitudes and at the same time which is the influence between the two European areas.         

By Adamante Stefane 
Institution: University Paul Valery III of Montpellier
Advisors: Kristiansen Kristina.
Degree: PH.D in European languages and civilization
Year 2013 


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