The Last Day...The Last Minute

This year it was really an amazing study-year. :) yes, it was a really study year full of jobs, studies, activities in campus, parties, Erasmus activities, exams and of course travels-adventure. Like all years of course, there are bad moments, good moments,lovely moments, socks moments, sentimental moments, unforgivable moments, unique and some gifts-moments. :)  

During my last mobility at the university of Paris, I meet interesting and unforgettable people. Specially at Danish student house, all the guys was really lovely and friendly. In spite the fact that, I had a lot of work at the university, some parties at danish house make me to forgive the difficulties. Thank you guys for everything!!! you are really awesome. 

In addition, during this year, I had a lot of wonderful times with my colleagues  at the university in Montpelier. Some sport meetings, some parties for Esn and Erasmus, good cooperation for university activities and a lot of discussion with them make me to create a lot of good memories for my academic year. Thank you guys, I hope the best for you in the next academic year. See you after 15 January. 

Finally, all this year, I had amazing times and adventure and holidays-times with my family, my sister and my girlfriend. If I describe all this times and moments especially with my girlfriend, I need more blogs and I think this is not so comfortable for our blogger. Thank you guys, you are really all my life. :) 

Generally, I would like to wish for all my friends and generally all people the best for the new year and of course, all your wishes to be realized. :) see you guys next year.