Next stop....University's Library.

It is well know that this period is marked to student's mind as red like or black area. Some prefers the expression ''dark period'' which the majority wish to avoid the bad results. Yeahhhhhh.... guessed correctly... we speak about exams. For everyone, exams are the most difficult period in the student life.For me the same. At my university, I see the same every year...every semester. Panic everywhere, in every department, in every library, in every every smile. This is the real situation which is the most well known at campus at every University around the world.   
During the week-end, I was at my little apartment being anxious (being normal) due to exams. I was thinking if there is a solution in order to decrease the sentence which is dominated every time during the exams. I was thinking that after watching a sport event or reading the news on-line or better a book. I was starting to search on the net and I found a site full of quotes about everything was written. I tagged the word ''exams'' and I found a list with quotes about exams. 

 So..I present the best: 

“Of course, it is very important to be sober when you take an exam. Many worthwhile careers in the street-cleansing, fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries have been founded on a lack of understanding of this simple fact.” 

“N.B. – Do not on any account attempt to write on both sides of the paper at once.”
― W.C. Sellar1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England

“All I can say is, 'Damn the exam!” 
― William ShawcrossThe Queen Mother: The Official Biography

“Time to study no time to waste, I the great man must gain every second of the day.” 
― Shay- Ann Harrio

Good luck to exams for everyone!!!!!!