Back to space....again... and the best for the new year.

Hello guys, 

 It is true that I have a long time to write on my is about 4 months. The problem was truly that I haven't time due to my studies. More specifically, It was a really strong academic semester having a serious number of obligations, writing exercises and of course exams...:D  That's why all theses period, I focused on our Facebook page in which every student can find the same posts and contents. This year is remarked by some good decision to my life and I was really happy for them. 
Studying political science, I can say that It is a little hard not only for me but for everybody. But according to my teachers, the best thing in our life is to do that you like or you enjoy and I dare to say that my studies is one of my secret passion. 

When I started to follow lessons at the beginning of the first semester, I had understood the difficulty of understanding because of  difficult vocabulary. In addition, due to several number of different lessons, It was really hard for me to staying concentrate. As a solution, my colleges were so friendly helping me several times during the semester. These exams was my first training at the faculty of Law and Political Science. Of course, I hope the best...anyway never mind...I continue my story...according to me, everything is a good experience of our life...ouf...this Christmas was remarked by my girlfriend's visiting. It was not efficient to return to my home in order to celebrate Christmas holidays with my family and our cat which were a little ill (that made me a little sad). So the arriving of my girlfriend signified that I will be happy and not alone during Christmas. I spent several time with her and we lived 14 beautiful days together. The only problem was I was not able to concentrate to my studies but as people says the love and the studies are two concepts not really relatives. They are right...I really agree with them and I appreciate their ''precious'' advice. :D   
The best moment was on Christmas Eve, we listened the bells of Church which is located near of my house. It was a really different moment from the traditional celebration of my country. In this time, I was thinking the classical Christmas stories of Charles Dickens which I read when I went to school. In addition, my girlfriend, prepared delicious diner with an amazing french wine. This moment was one of the best for both of us ( I believe and I hope :D)  before leaving the 2014. 
Christmas is my favorite holiday from childhood and every year, I wish to have something unique or an event remarkable in order to remember every Christmas as a precious personal moment. 
So I wish you guys for all of you and for your family and for everybody at the world the best for the new year with happiness and a lot of young dreams.