memories part 1

Good evening Guys, This is my first post for 2016 after Christmas holidays. 

               I have just returned from my faculty and I am seating to my armchair and I am thinking all my good times which I had with my family and my girlfriend in Greece during Holidays. More specifically, during one month, I can say easily that I have enjoyed every week, every day, every moment, every little moment in my hometown. 
              It is true that between moments, as everybody I choose the best for my mind and for my memories. It is a little funny but between this special moments, is every night in which I go out with my girlfriend and we drank Greek wine at student's store.  Student's stores is an incredible place near of the university of Thessaloniki and they are always full of young people and of course everybody enjoy wine and traditional music from Greece. I am not sure but I think that we were at this ''corner'' of our city every night. During my return trip, I was thinking that it was impossible to be concentrated to my studies, yeah, after all good times in Greece, It it impossible to returned to your studies easily but.....I ought to really return back and speaking about the quantity...not the quality...just the quantity of the work that a student must prepare for this semester at our faculty, I think that I must stay at my home for a period of three month without going outside....sooo no wines... no student home parties..only libraries....classes...faculty..reading..presentations sooo ..keep calm and focus on your studies....