Is 2016 the worst year in history? Scientists and citizens give their opinion.

It is true that 2016 was a year full of terrorists attacks, violence, changes at political and economic level. Some scientists and journalists in United States and in Europe, has written a several number of articles and documents in which, they present 2016 as the worst year of humanity after 1945, the last year of Second World War. More specifically, some polls presented by journals and universities reviews, has given a different point of view concerning the subject of ''bad years'' on human history. 

People talk about 2016 being a particularly disastrous year, but for a historian, there’s nothing new about people fighting for power or useless leaders with bad ideas gathering widespread support. All the current political upheaval is nothing compared with 1348, when the Black Death took hold.
One professor at the faculty of political science mention that before asking yourself concerning the subject of the worst year of human history, you may give a good answer to the next questions:Ought we measure the “worst year in human history” by some calculus of human suffering? By sheer number of deaths? By the geographical extent of misery? Any of these metrics provide ready candidates. For him, the worst year ought to be the beginning of a world-historical process that once started, offered little chance for reversal. HE finish his documents saying that the worst year was really  the famous 1492

According to an american citizen, american people know their worst year. More specifically  for the “worst year ever” goes to 1837, mostly because it was dreadful for nearly everyone in the United States. Andrew Jackson left office, and even though Martin Van Buren had been elected to replace him without much difficulty, within months of his taking office the nation was plunged into what was then the worst economic depression it had ever seen.  

 A several number of European and american citizens prefer to live in 2016 and 2001 rather than in 1943. More specifically,the Holocaust grew more deadly by the week, and Nazis had systematically deported and kille more than 1.3 million Jews by spring 1943.>News of these atrocities circulated internationally, but the Allies lacked the political will and military capacity to rescue European Jews. In order to understand the situation during this year, we can focus on the example of Szmul Zygielbojm, a Jewish-Polish politician who took his own life after his wife and son were killed in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 
He wrote in his suicide letter, By my death I wish to make my final protest against the passivity with which the world is looking on and permitting the annihilation of the Jewish people. 

 It is very important to mention that there is a poll created and promoted by the official website of Slate Magazine. After having a look of this chart, everybody understood that Inspite the fact that there are a lot of ''bad'' and ''difficult'' years on human history, 2016 was a difficult and at the same time unforgivable  year for human life witch probably has already changed the attitude and the quality of life especially at the Western world. 

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inspired by the official website of Slate Magazine.